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Are you looking for a concise and factual history of Konica Minolta? If you are, you'll appreciate this quick guide. We're going to look at the background of this successful Japanese technology firm, which has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Important Facts about Konica Minolta

At present, this company, which was founded in 2003, after a merger between Minolta and Konica, has offices in forty-nine nations. The company produces an array of electronic products, including multi-functional peripherals, digital print systems, laser printers and copiers. Its target customers are those who are involved with production printing.

The company also runs an MPS (managed print service). In addition, it manufactures a host of devices which are optical, such as LCD film and lenses. As well, it manufactures graphic imaging products and medical imaging products.

For example, it makes 3D digitizers, photometers, x-ray film and an assortment of sensing products.

Also, Konica Minolta manufacturer’s textile printers, which print fabrics. In the past, the company also had a branch for photo and camera operations. However, this part of the company was sold off during 2006. Sony bought this part of the company.

Cameras Used to Be a Focus

Before the photo and camera branch of the company was sold to Sony, Konica Minolta made a collection of thirty-five millimetre cameras which were auto-focus, single-lens reflex designs. In North America, these cameras were known as Minolta Maxxums. In Europe, they were marketed as Minolta Dynax cameras. In Japan and the rest of the Asian continent, they were called Maxxum 9 cameras. Later versions of these high-tech cameras feature tough-as-nails titanium bodies.

How to Find Konica Minolta Products

Plenty of UK retailers offer products from Konica Minolta. The best way to find a dealer near you is to visit the "where to buy" Web page at the official Konica Minolta website. The link to this web page URL is:

Now that you know a quick history of this popular Japanese electronics manufacturer, you've got the inside scoop on the company background of Konica Minolta. Known for producing high-quality designs, this company is committed to innovation. It routinely upgrades products and brings out new products which feature the latest technology.

This company is profitable and, although it's relatively new, its parent companies, Konica and Minolta, had long histories before the merger. The merger allowed for the two companies to come together and share technical expertise and manufacturing acumen.

By choosing products from this manufacturer, you'll be choosing designs from a truly reputable and respected company. A range of online retailers currently sell products from this manufacturer. Finding the Konica Minolta products that you need should therefore be very easy. Just be sure to comparison-shop in order to get the best prices on genuine products from this company.