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Why do you just supply Konica Minolta machines?

We only sell Konica Minolta as we believe they offer the very best value, features, reliability and performance of any photocopier or printer on the market.

Are all of your machines new?

Yes we only sell new machines.

What areas of the UK do you cover?

All of them! Our delivery and installation is free throughout the UK.

Why are your prices on Konica Minolta so low?

Quite simply we don’t overcharge. Most importantly we do not use salespeople, and because we buy in such large quantities, we buy at a significantly reduced cost.

Can I buy a copier outright?

Yes, we sell our machines outright along with our service support plan which includes all your service provisions at no extra cost.

Can I lease the Photocopier?

Of course, we offer the lowest lease costs which can range from 2-5 years.

We don’t do a huge amount of printing, which model is best for me?

It’s hard to say without asking a few more questions, so please contact us and we can run through a few different options and find the best device that suits you.

Do I have to pay for toners and call outs?

No. With our service support plan all service provisions are included. This means all toners, parts, maintenance, labour and a guaranteed 4 hour call out are included at no extra cost.

How much will installation and setup cost us?

Nothing. Installation and setup is included within the fixed price. We will also provide full training. We will require you to complete a simple install form prior to the installation date, to ensure we have the correct information to hand.

Unhappy with your current supplier?

Then why not give us a call to discuss moving your services to us?