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Who Is Canon & What Do They Produce?

Canon is a Japanese manufacturer of high-end cameras ranging from tech used commercially to the cameras found in hospital wards around the world for x-ray machines, CCTV, and security. Canon also manufactures high-end office equipment such as multi-purpose printing stations and office tech.

Other products produced by Canon include calculators, scanners, printer copiers, computers, camcorders, and virtual reality headsets. In March of 2016, Canon purchased Toshiba Medical for 5.9 Billion USD. By the year 2015, Canon was Japans 10th largest public company and is set to continue growing over the coming years with the boom of modern luxury tech and VR units.

When Was Canon Founded?

Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory was founded in 1933. This was the predecessor to what we now know as Canon. Founded in Roppongi, Tokyo, Canon has been one of the leaders of many different types of technology ranging from cameras to printers. The very first camera that was produced by canon was a 35mm focal plane camera known as the Kwanon. This is where the name canon is believed to have first been thought of as a brand name.

What Is Their Role In Technology As Of Today?

As the world's tech keeps marching forwards and is ever evolving, Canon aims to lead the way with new virtual reality tech. There is also the ongoing development of 360 camera tech that allows photographers to capture a 360 immersive image compatible with VR set and computers. As the world of imagery moves forwards, there is also a high demand for 3d photography that effectively allows a photographer to capture a lifelike and full depth 3d image. This is just some of the tech that Canon is currently trialling.

Canon also makes sure it stays ahead of the game by buying up start-ups around the world who have a proven business strategy and product that the tech giant can use to its advantage. For example, the London based printing company; Kite. By acquiring forward-thinking start-ups, Canon effectively keeps itself at the front of tech development by encouraging others to think forwards and develop on their behalf.